Seeking volunteers

Organizations seeking volunteers

Is your nonprofit seeking volunteers to help with your special events or projects? We would love to partner with you. These are the steps necessary to get started.

A partnership form needs to be completed first, click on the link at the bottom of the page. 

If we believe we can help supply volunteers we will visit your site and meet with your leadership team.

Once both parties agree, we will list your organization information on our website and calendar showing dates, times and the number of volunteers needed along with a description of what the event is about. An email blast will go out to all the volunteers in our system letting them know that there are new volunteer opportunities. When volunteers sign up for your event your volunteer coordinator will be notified by text or email.

Project tools and supplies:  Projects are more likely to occur if no tools and supplies are needed or if the recipient organization obtains these items. It is reasonable for organizations to provide project resources, as your organization is the beneficiary of your projects and all of our planning and labor involved.​

Partnership benefits:

  • Important work gets done and organizations fulfill their mission
  • Organizations become better known by caring people
  • Project work hours help nonprofits attract and retain grant dollars
  • Our volunteers may become your donors and long-term volunteers

On average volunteers save organizations $15 to $20 an hour. We ask all of our partners to consider a donation to GADF or become a sponsor to help make it possible for us to fill your volunteer needs.