Volunteers come from every religious, ethnic and economic backgrounds imaginable. Some volunteer once a week, some once a month, and some once a year; however, volunteers share one thing in common...they want to help improve the lives of individuals and families and help build a stronger community. In a slow economy when giving is down volunteering is another way of giving. By using your time and talents you become a very important part of stabilizing and growing our economy. People helping people that's what we do. Do you want to make a difference, get involved today. Click here to sign-up for your free membership.

The word volunteer is both a noun and a verb that's a good fit for volunteer. As a noun it says you are a hero, you are unselfish, you are caring, you are a leader, you are a first responder. As a verb it says you are compassionate, you are an achiever, you are a mentor, you are a motivator, you are inspired.
Dollars for hours
Did you know your dollars can be counted as volunteer hours? For every $10 you donate toward a project or event it will be counted as 1 hour of volunteer time that you have given. This is just one more way of volunteering when you don't have the time to do so in person. (Note: Dollars for hours cannot be used toward Court Ordered hours, Presidential Awards or Scholarships).
To get started create an account, click on the Join Today button on the top right side of this page. When filling out the volunteer application form under (Service Requirement check off volunteering for My dollars for hour credits).
After your account has been setup, log into your information center, go to My Schedule page and choose which project you would like to support. Schedule yourself for that project, you can support as many projects as you like. Your dollars will be use to help fund that project. You can track your hours under your My Service History tap.
All of your Dollars for Hours are tax deductible, your receipts will be mailed to you at the end of each year.
So if your desire is to support Seniors or help support Rescue Animals, you can do it with just a stroke of the button. How about beautifying our cities through our Adopt a Lake and Roadway projects or help support our schools through our Dare to Care program. It's just that simple regardless of your busy schedule or disability. Whether you are are a student or a retired senior you can give back and make a difference in your community.

Thank you for volunteering your time and your support. Did you know your time is your most precious gift and sharing it with others is most honorable?


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