Agency Partnerships

If you operate a non-profit organization and would like to partner with us, we want to help you.

We Will:

  • Collect information about your organization's mission and history
  • Discuss your needs
  • Learn how you plan to utilize volunteers

If we believe we can help supply volunteers we will visit your site and meet with your leadership team to view your facility. After we discuss our partnership, we will list your organization information on our website showing dates, times and the number of volunteers needed.

Benefits for partnership:

  • Important work gets done and organizations save money
  • Our partners organizations become better know by caring people
  • Projects work hours help non-profits attract and retain grant dollars
  • Our volunteers may become your donors and long-term volunteers

Projects tools and supplies

Projects are more likely to occur if no tools and supplies are needed or if the recipient organization obtains these items. It is reasonable for partner organizations to provide project resources, because they are the beneficiaries of our projects and all of our planning and labor involved.

Minimum age of volunteer participation

The recipient organization and Give A Day Foundation negotiate the minimum age of volunteer participation. Projects may not exclude youth, because we are a family based organization.

On an average volunteers save organizations $8.00 to $10.00 an hour. Will you consider becoming a sponsor or making a donation today to help us recruit and retain volunteers. Your support makes it possible for us to fill your volunteer needs.  Click here to donate or start your sponsorship today.

For more information about partnering with Give A Day Foundation, call 407.864.3303.

To start the partnership process Click here.


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