Looking for a place to find volunteers or a place to find volunteer opportunities, look no further, at Give A Day Foundation we connect people with people. We promote volunteerism and civic involvement. Our mission is to enhance, enrich and meet the needs of our community through volunteerism.

Join us as we work together to address issues in our community like hunger, poverty and more. Go to our VolunteerSign-up page to become a Give a Day volunteer or our Partnership Sign-up page to become a partner with Give a Day.Together we can change our community one day at a time.

How does Give A Day Foundation recruit their volunteers?
GADF recruits volunteers using social media, newspapers, family and friends, referred from volunteers and our website.

What do Give A Day Foundation volunteers do?
GADF volunteers service the communities by using their time and talents to help at places like food banks, soup kitchens, assisted living and nursing homes, schools, parks, lakes, thrift stores, assist at home projects and more.

Why was Give A Day Foundation founded?
GADF was founded to help connect people for volunteer service who enjoy giving back to their community helping those in need and for the common good of the community; to assist our non-profit sectors who need volunteers to help accomplish their mission.  And to help people in the community through our assist at home program.

Why do we promote an assist at home program?
The assist at home program help to keep people in their homes, those who can stay in their homes live a longer and healthier life. The program helps seniors,widows/widowers and those with disabilities as well as single parents who are struggling, to maintain their homes. Occupied homes make better neighborhoods and as a result stronger communities.

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