When was GADF founded?
November 2011

What is GADF's mission?
Give A Day Foundation enhances, enriches and meets the needs of our community through volunteerism.

What is the area GADF services?
We are currently covering Lake, Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties.

As a non-profit organization, how does GADF stay in business?
We are funded 100% by monetary donations from people like you, groups and companies.

When I volunteer, am I helping GADF?
By volunteering with GADF, you assist us in meeting the volunteering needs of our community, and helping us make a positive difference.

Do volunteers need special skills to participate?
No special skills are needed, but if you have certain skills we'd love to know about it and possibly utilize those skills for a specific volunteering need.

How do non-profit agencies benefit?
By GADF supplying volunteers to help non-profits we save them money and promote awareness of their cause within the volunteer community. 

Can GADF write a letter to verify that I volunteered?
We would be happy to sign your own attendance form at the conclusion of each project.  The charity that you helped may acknowledge your time with a note or letter as well. 

Does GADF set the minimum age of participation for volunteers?
No, the minimum age is set by the agencies that benefit from our work.  Factors include liability, work quality and quantity. However, all GADF projects must welcome youth and adults.

Is GADF part of a faith based organization?
No we are not part of any other organization but we believe strongly in God that's how this organization was founded.

Does GADF offer any other service?
Yes, we offer an "Assist at Home" program which helps people in their homes. Often times we come across people needing help with other social issues, in those cases we refer them to other agencies who can help meet that need.

How can I support GADF?
You can help us by giving of your monetary donations ( cash or chechs ).
You can purchase gift cards to places such as Walmart, Target, Lowes, Home Depot etc., These gift cards are helpful to purchase items needed for many of our volunteer projects.

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